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Crucial notification: as of May 7 2020, The Neys-van Hoogstraten Foundation is closed for new grant applications until further notice

PhD students or researchers working at academic institutions, government research institutes or NGOs in the field can apply.

What kind of research can be funded by the Neys-van Hoogstraten Foundation?

Research that can be funded by the Neys-van Hoogstraten Foundation should be socio-economic in character and have households or families or the individual within a household as units of research and analysis. More specifically it should concern issues of household budgeting and issues of family nutrition, such as household food security and food consumption, socio-economic change and its implications for food habits, food culture, and food and nutrition at household or community level.

Degree research as well as applied research projects are eligible for funding. The country of research should be within the Asian region as defined in the objectives of the Neys-van Hoogstraten Foundation.

All applications will be assessed for eligibility and technical quality and feasibility.

What can be funded?

The financial support in the form of a grant is meant to cover the cost of research projects, including the cost of preparation, field work, data analysis and publication, up to a maximum of €25,000 per research project. The grants do not allow for the funding of salaries of researchers. Travel and per diem payment of researchers, salaries of interviewers and / or research assistants, the cost of computer analysis, and so on, can be funded. English translation or editing of a  publication based on the results of the research in an international journal can be funded as well.

Please note that the budget accompanying the research proposal should be presented in local currency only. Merely the total project budget amount should be converted into Euro and this should not exceed an amount of € 25,000.

Application procedure

The applicant should send the proposal in the English language to the Foundation (see contact for addresses). There is no deadline for submitting proposals.

The research proposal should have the following elements:

  • title page
  • table of contents
  • summary
  • introduction
  • goals and objectives of the research
  • the conceptual framework, including a description of variables and indicators
  • methods of data collection and sampling
  • relevance of the research
  • dissemination and utilisation of the results
  • time schedule
  • budget submitted in Excel (maximum € 25,000 and stated in € as well as in local currency)
  • bibliography
  • brief curriculum vitae of the researcher(s)
  • appendices (if any)

After a proposal has been received, the applicant will be sent a letter of receipt. The proposal will be reviewed  by the Technical Committee and Treasurer of the Board, who will advice on eligibility  of the proposed research in the meetings of the full board, which take place four times a year.

Within a period of maximum six months, the applicant will receive either an argued rejection, or technical comments for improving the proposal, or – in case of a positive decision – a request to send the necessary details needed for making up the contract (Grant Letter). Upon signing the Grant Letter by the parties involved, a first instalment is transferred to the bank account of the applicant. The number of instalments depends on the size of the grant.

Relevant examples of subsidised research projects: see projects or publications.