The Neys-van Hoogstraten Foundation was founded in 1989 by the late Dr Karel Neys in honour of his parents.

Objective Neys-van Hoogstraten Foundation

The main objective of the Neys-van Hoogstraten Foundation is to strengthen and stimulate socio-economic research in the field of household budgets, family nutrition, and food and nutrition security in Indonesia and other (Southeast) Asian countries. By providing financial support for research in these fields, the Neys-van Hoogstraten Foundation aims at enhancing the quality and quantity of research on the topics listed above.

NHF’s activities

Since 1993, the Neys-van Hoogstraten Foundation has supported about 200 research projects in Asia. In 2002, the NHF started with a Fellowship programme for MSc Research in Asia.
Besides, NHF organises international workshops that brings together NHF supported researchers and relevant professionals from Southeast Asia. Publications and workshop reports are also found on this website.