Workshop 2001

First International NHF Workshop 2001 – Jakarta, Indonesia

Socio-economic research as a tool for improving household food and security and nutrition.

The workshop was held from July 8 – 13, 2001 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The Workshop was hosted by the Bina Swadaya, an Indonesian NGO.


In Asia, particularly Southeast Asia many new and original initiatives are taken in socio-economic research in the field of household budgets and family nutrition. NHF has been active in enhancing the quality and quantity of research in this field, by providing financial and technical support to research-and-development organisations, research institutes, and individual researchers affiliated with such organisations or institutes.

Despite progress made, conditions with regard to food, nutrition and health of many households still need attention. Likewise, knowledge and insights on food, nutrition and household issues and opportunities for improvement remain scanty.

Objectives of the workshop

The objectives of the workshop were:

  • To bring together NHF supported researchers, their supervisors and relevant professionals from Southeast Asia;
  • To discuss the state of the art of socio-economic research in the field of nutrition at household level;
  • To give researchers the opportunity to develop their presentation and writing skills by using their own research data;
  • To exchange research experiences, including those with regard to practical fieldwork and methodological problems;
  • To promote interdisciplinary thinking within and between different institutions in different countries;
  • To identify issues for future socio-economic research in the field of household food security and nutrition
  • To work out links of research results with food and nutrition training, policy and programmes.

The themes of the workshop were:

  1. Impact of improved food production on livelihoods of rural households;
  2. Household food consumption and modernisation;
  3. Household food security and nutrition of vulnerable groups;
  4. Nutritional interventions and health issues.


Researchers and other professionals, supported by the Neys-van Hoogstraten Foundation (NHF), presented a paper about their study or a poster about their research. For abstracts see:

Report workshop 2001