List of ongoing projects

Updated May 2024

  • Between Rivalry and Support: Differences in the mortality chances of brothers and sisters in Taiwan and the Netherlands 1860-1945

    Tim Riswick
  • Improving food- and livelihood security of Filipino small farmers: the autonomy narrative in organic agriculture

    Lisette Nikol
  • Crop Diversity in Swidden Farming: Impact to Household Dietary Diversity in Ifugao, Philippines

    Honeylette Baloc
  • The Role of Orphan Crops to Food and Nutritional Security: Evidence from The Kalanguyas of Ifugao

    Jennifer Dait
  • Assessment of locally available underutilized and culturally accepted protein source food in coastal and mountainous area in Kabupaten Malang as a basis to develop food-based approaches for stunted children

    Nia Wirawan
  • Exploration of the role of diet-gut interaction and environment factors on the growth of infant born to mother receiving preconception supplementation

    Andi Imam Arundhana
  • Factors Associated with Child Health and Nutrition Care Practices of Selected Mothers Residing in Disaster and non-Disaster-prone areas

    Maria Ann Rita Ramirez
  • Improvement of adolescents’ nutrition literacy and diet quality in food-insecure households in post-disaster areas in Palu City, Indonesia (DE-NULIT Study)

    Nikmah Utami Dewi
  • Gender, Social Reproduction and Agricultural Innovations in Terai, Nepal

    Dawn Cheong
  • Programme of Inter-university Collaboration for Strengthening Research Capabilities on Food and Nutrition Security in selected areas in Indonesia (5-year collaboration)

    Ali Khomsan

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