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List of ongoing projects – Updated March 2022

Between Rivalry and Support:  Differences in the mortality chances of brothers and sisters in Taiwan and the Netherlands 1860-1945
Principal researcher: Tim Riswick
Project number: TW266

Nutritional Status, Dietary Intake and Care Practices of 6 Months to 5 Year Old Children Left Behind by Temporary Labor Migrant Workers in the Philippines
Principal researcher: Julieta Dorado
Project number: PH302

Influences Analysis of Determinant Factors to Helminthiasis and Nutritional Status in School Children through Structural Equation Modelling
Principal researcher: Reni Suhelmi
Project number: IN314

Improving food- and livelihood security of Filipino small farmers: the autonomy narrative in organic agriculture
Principal researcher: Lisette Nikol
Project number: PH319

Crop Diversity in Swidden Farming: Impact to Household Dietary Diversity in Ifugao, Philippines
Principal researcher: Honeylette Baloc
Project number: PH322

Comparison of Children’s Stunting Determinants in Urban and Rural Areas of West Java Province
Principal researcher: Chica Riska Ashari
Project number: IN323

Stunting problem, positive deviance, and household food security in Sampang district,  Madura Island, Indonesia
Principal researcher: Rian Diana
Project number: IN324

Weekly iron-folic acid (wifa) supplementation program for school girl adolescents and its impact on Anemia and anthropometric status: Study in high and low stunting areas
Principal researcher: Ali Khomsan
Project number: IN325

The Role of Orphan Crops to Food and Nutritional Security: Evidence from The Kalanguyas of Ifugao
Principal researcher: Jennifer Dait
Project number: PH326

The Factors Related To Children’s Nutritional  Status Of Under Five Years Old In The Working Area Gandus Public Health Centre In Palembang South Sumatra
Principal researcher: Eduan Effendi
Project number: IN327

Determinants Of Anemia Among Women Of Childbearing Age (WCA) And Multi Nutrition Intervention For Prospective Brides And Bridegrooms To Prevent Stunting in Sumbawa District, Province West Nusa Tenggara- Indonesia.
Principal researcher: Ni Gusti Ayu Kt. Dewi Pramoni
Project number: IN328

Assessment of locally available underutilized and culturally accepted protein source food in coastal and mountainous area in Kabupaten Malang as a basis to develop food-based approaches for stunted children
Principal researcher: Nia Wirawan
Project number: IN329

Development and Effectiveness of Food Based Recommendation by the Inclusion of Underutilized or Local Foods on Improving Dietary Quality and Nutritional Status of Children Age 12-23 Months in Bangkalan District, Madura
Principal researcher: Dini Ririn Andrias
Project number: IN331

Exploration of the role of diet-gut interaction and environment factors on the growth of infant born to mother receiving preconception supplementation
Principal researcher: Andi Imam Arundhana
Project number: IN332

Traditional food preparation, shelf life and preservation techniques on Wild Edible Plants (WEPS) in Ifugao, Cordillera Administrative region, Philippines: An approach towards food and Nutrition security
Principal researcher: Marie-Ann Culhi Galvez
Project number: PH338

Factors Associated with Child Health and Nutrition Care Practices of Selected Mothers Residing in Disaster and non-Disaster-prone areas
Principal researcher: Maria Ann Rita Ramirez
Project number: PH339

Improvement of adolescents’ nutrition literacy and diet quality in food-insecure households in post-disaster areas in Palu City, Indonesia (DE-NULIT Study)
Principal researcher: Nikmah Utami Dewi
Project number: IN340

The socio-economic, cultural and biologic aetiology of anemia and its association with mental health among 10-19-year-old adolescents in Yogyakarta province, Indonesia
Principal researchers: Muhammad Asrullah & Kesso Gabrielle van Zutphen
Project number: IN342

Food systems during COVID-19 crisis lockdown: accounts from poor urban households in Metro Manila
Principal researcher: Melissa Navarra
Project number: PH349

Household food security, coping strategies and family wellbeing during Covid-19 in Bogor
Principal researcher: Dwi Hastuti
Project number: IN350

Gender, Social Reproduction and Agricultural Innovations in Terai, Nepal
Principal researcher: Dawn Cheong
Project number: NP353

Programme of Inter-university Collaboration for Strengthening Research Capabilities on Food and Nutrition Security in selected areas in Indonesia (5-year collaboration)
Principal coordinator: Ali Khomsan
Project number: INP01


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