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List of ongoing NHF supported projects –  Updated May 2018

Improving Complementary Feeding through Home Fortification Approach with Lipid-based Nutrients Supplement for Preventing Undernutrition among Rural Infants, Indonesia
University of Brawjaya & Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia
Principal researcher: Nurul Muslihah
Project number:  IN259

Oranged Fleshed Sweet potato Varieties As Source of Food and Nutrition In Vitamin A Deficiency Areas (VAD)  in Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR)
Principal researcher: Ines Gonzales
Project number: PH262

Traditional Food Processing and Preservation Techniques of the Indigenous Peoples in the Cordillera Region, Philippines: A strategy for household food and nutrition security
Principal researcher: Dinah Licyayo
Project number: PH263

Understanding the mechanisms of community level change resulting from the implementation of a homestead food production program in Son La Province, Vietnam
Principal researcher: Aminuzzaman Talukder
Project number: VT265

Between Rivalry and Support:  Differences in the mortality chances of brothers and sisters in Taiwan and the Netherlands 1860-1945
Principal researcher: Tim Riswick, MA.
Project number: TW266

Practices, Perspectives and Issues on Food Security among Swidden Farmers In Indigenous Cultural Communities in Ifugao, the Philippines: Towards A Framework for An Intervention Program
Principal researcher: Dr. Manuel P. Malingan III
Project number: PH267

Income Contribution, Food Consumption, Iron Deficiency Anemia among Women Workers in Tea Plantation and Effect of Multinutrients Supplementation with Nutrition Education to Increase Their well-being
Principal researcher:  Prof. Faisal Anwar
Project number: IN269

Home-based treatment of severely acute malnourished Cambodian children
Principal researcher: Sanne Sigh
Project number: CA271

Health behaviour of women during pregnancy in relation to pregnancy intention, in Polewali Mandar, Indonesia
Principal researcher: Apik Indarty Moedjiono
Project number: IN272

Indigenous knowledge in traditional production of rice: impact to food security in the uplands households in Ifugao
Principal researcher: Eva Marie Codamon-Dugyon
Project number: PH274

A study on overweight and obesity among school children and efforts to overcome through nutritional education and traditional game interventions in rural and urban areas in West Java
Principal researcher: Cica Yulia
Project number: IN276

Engaging women in root and tuber crops restoration, conservation and utilization: responding to climate change using local and scientific technologies 
Principal researcher:  Ruth Batani
Project number: PH278

Identification, preferences, and nutritional contribution of traditional food in the consumption pattern of households of farmers and fishermen in Bengkulu
Principal researcher: Betty Yosephin
Project number: IN279

Dietary intake, nutritional status, traditional beliefs and practices of pregnant women in Madura Island
Principal researcher: Rian Diana
Project number: IN282

Implementation research on the effectiveness of home-based complementary food fortification to combat undernutrition and micronutrient deficiencies among children 6-23 months old in Calauan, Laguna, Philippines
Principal researcher: Eva Abille Goyena
Project number:PH283

The effect of rice (oryza sativa l.) corn (zea mays l.) grits mix consumption on the nutritiona; status indicators and biological markers of growth among 3 to 5 years old malnourished children in los Baños, Laguna
Principal researcher: Erica Tabuac
Project number: PH284

Impact of climate change and variability on Agricultural production and household food security: a case of the province of Ifugao
Principal researcher: Jennifer Madonna Dait
Project number: PH285

Ethnobotanical evaluation of edible wild food plants in Ifugao: a review of their potential to combat food insecurity
Principal researcher: Marie Ann Galvez
Project number: PH286


List of NHF supported projects in 2017: 

Nutrient Intake patterns and their relationship to individual susceptibility to Organophosphate of Horticulture Farmers in Three Ethnic Groups of deuteromalay and proto-malay population in Indonesia
University of Indonesia (Universitas Indonesia), Indonesia
Principal researcher: Hasnawati Amqam
Project number:  IN251



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